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Frankenstein (1931) original poster sells for $358,500 at auction

Frankenstein (1931) original poster sells for $358,500 at auction

28 March 2015

The only known copy to exist for this style C3 sheet Frankenstein poster was found behind a projection booth in an old remodelled theatre is now the 5th highest selling poster to date.

Frankenstein is a 1931 monster film about an obsessed scientist and his assistant, who dig up corpses to build a monster but his assistant accidentally gives the monster a murderer's brain.

The film was a hit with both audiences and critics of the day and was followed by multiple sequels and has become an iconic horror film playing a key role in the evolution of the essentials of horror films, from the Creature of the Black Lagoon (1954) to Jason of Friday the 13th (1980).

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